Under state radio parking stall for how long?


Do not use force in a stall situation cigarette lighter, which is the most power-hungry appliances a car, prone to sudden overloading the battery case. That is as far as possible in preparation for parking off the engine and then close the window, the window lift motor power consumption is relatively large. For some the modified high-power stereo vehicles under flameout condition also pay attention to the battery condition, the battery load to prevent large power loss. There are situations that often occurs is the loss of electricity overnight parking forget to turn off the headlights, should pay attention to these cases to ensure that all electrical appliances after the car off and then turn off left.
Prolonged loss of power of the battery will soon be scrapped, although the use of pulse charging technology will be able to activate the battery power loss, but great damage to the battery, replace it with a battery cost is more expensive, it is normally used car, or pay attention battery protection, extended battery life is the best.